Intel media SDK Image stabilization feature

Intel media SDK Image stabilization feature



I'm trying to use the Image stabilization filter included in the Intel SDK (API 1.23) but seems not to be accepted.

When using this filter, I got either MFX_WRN_FILTER_SKIPPED or MFX_ERR_UNSUPPORTED after Query call.

I've tried to do it with an Intel HD300 and with an Intel HD 530 on Windows 7.

Is there specific hardware requirements? Has anyone already used this filter with software implementation or hardware?


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Hi There,

You may find following in your  mediasdk_release_notes.pdf


VPP Image Stabilization and FRC Interpolated filters will be deprecated and
not recommended for use due to result image quality and product quality
associated with these filters.

And, You may find Video Stabilization in



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