HEVC image hardware decoding has memory problems.

HEVC image hardware decoding has memory problems.

Hi all,


My HEVC image hardware decoding code is as follows:


void CDecodingPipeline::SetHEVCGuid(mfxPluginUID & mfxGuid)


//33 a6 1c 0b 4c 27 45 4c a8 d8 5d de 75 7c 6f 8e h265 hw decoder guid

mfxGuid.Data[0] = (mfxU8)0x33;

mfxGuid.Data[1] = (mfxU8)0xa6;

mfxGuid.Data[2] = (mfxU8)0x1c;

mfxGuid.Data[3] = (mfxU8)0x0b;

mfxGuid.Data[4] = (mfxU8)0x4c;

mfxGuid.Data[5] = (mfxU8)0x27;

mfxGuid.Data[6] = (mfxU8)0x45;

mfxGuid.Data[7] = (mfxU8)0x4c;

mfxGuid.Data[8] = (mfxU8)0xa8;

mfxGuid.Data[9] = (mfxU8)0xd8;

mfxGuid.Data[10] = (mfxU8)0x5d;

mfxGuid.Data[11] = (mfxU8)0xde;

mfxGuid.Data[12] = (mfxU8)0x75;

mfxGuid.Data[13] = (mfxU8)0x7c;

mfxGuid.Data[14] = (mfxU8)0x6f;

mfxGuid.Data[15] = (mfxU8)0x8e;



mfxStatus CDecodingPipeline::Init(sInputParams *pParams, HWND Renderhwnd)



    if (m_CodecType == E_H265_CODEC_TYPE) {

        pParams->videoType = MFX_CODEC_HEVC;




    m_pPlugin.reset(LoadPlugin(MFX_PLUGINTYPE_VIDEO_DECODE, m_mfxSession, pParams->pluginParams.pluginGuid, 1));




Image can be decoded correctly,But it takes up too much system memory.

Three 720p resolution images take up more than 600 Mb of system memory.

Is there any other setting I did not do?

Or is this normal?

Please help me.


OS: Windows10

SDK: Intel(R)_Media_SDK_2016.0.2

Intel Graphic: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600





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For Intel(R) HD Graphics 4*** series it most likely expected as it doesn't have native hardware HEVC support, but has hybrid implementation(GPGPU+CPU).

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