Using Timestamps to Syncronize Display of Decoded Video

Using Timestamps to Syncronize Display of Decoded Video

Dear Tech Support:

I am using the Intel Media SDK to decode an H.264 bitstream and needing to use timestamps to synchronize the displaying of the video frame.  I don't see the sample code addressing how to go about doing using a timestamp to render the recently decoded frame.  Per the sample code that is provided, there is a m_d3dRender.RenderFrame( frame, m_pGeneralAllocator ); call that I assume displays the newly decoded frame shortly thereafter.  Is this the place where I determine exactly when to render the frame based on a timestamp or is there a better way of doing this using the Media SDK example code?  Please advise.


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Hello Tim,

the timestamp of the decoded frame can be found in the surface data:

mfxFrameSurface1 -> mfxFrameData -> TimeStamp


Hey Stefan:

Ok, thanks for the info on this.


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