CPU load and privete bytes of Quick Sync softwae is ever increasing.

CPU load and privete bytes of Quick Sync softwae is ever increasing.


I have 2 issues on H.264 decoding software using Intel media SDK - Quick Sync hardware decoding.

Issue 1: CPU load of the software is ever-increasing. It reaches to 100% in 5 or 10 hours then keep 100%. We checked using process explorer and found there is many MFXVideoVPP_GetVPPStat threads (150 threads) and CPU load of each thread is ever increasing.

Issue 2: Private bytes of the program is ever-increasing. It seems memory leak.

My environment:
Windows10 Enterprise 1607
16GB memory
SkyLake Xeon E3-1275 v5 (I have same issues on KabyLake Xeon E3-1275 v6)
Driver version on device manager: (Old version driver didn't have these 2 issues but it had more critical issue so I cannot use the old driver.)

I need solution of these 2 issues ASAP. Kindly give me any advice.

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I have exactly the same problem.

Doing H264 decoding, after some time the CPU increase with a lot of MFXVideoVPP_GetVPPStat threads

My environement :  CPU I5 7260U + Iris 650. Driver

The same software works fine with : CPU I5 6300U + HD520. Driver

This is really a big big issue.



I am having this issue when using software decoding. Are there any updates?



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