About response time of MFXInit()

About response time of MFXInit()

I use IntelMSDK 2018R1 and software decode.


I have problem with Intel Core Processor i7-8700 when I do MFXInit().

i7-8700 is later than i5-3xxx in response time.

i5-3xxx is later than Pentium E5700 in response time.



I need to frequent init and close, and create many session.

but, i7-8700 is later than old cpu in init response time.


I expected  i7-8700 is faster than old cpu in init response time.

Is there any workaround?






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Thanks Watanabe San:

I am assuming you are using Windows 10 platform.

In case of software mode, I am thinking all MFXInit() doing is to load the library which you might try to see the bottleneck by vTune.

I think there might be also a problem of the dispatcher, did you try the hardware mode and see if the latency has any difference?

Since you are using software mode, I don't think it is related to the driver but you might check the following post to see if it is helpful:



Thank you your advice.


I tried hardware mode and software mode.

Hardware mode has no problems.

According to vtune, mfx_dll_load method use many time.

Do you have a any idea?


KERNEL32.DLL ! LoadLibraryExW - [unknown source file] 
testdecode.dll ! MFX::mfx_dll_load + 0x3b - mfx_load_dll.cpp:178 
testdecode.dll ! MFX_DISP_HANDLE::LoadSelectedDLL + 0xea - mfx_dispatcher.cpp:150 
testdecode.dll ! MFXInitEx + 0x366 - main.cpp:308 
testdecode.dll ! MFXInit + 0x7c - main.cpp:970 



I found a solution to this problem.

I registered the registry as follows

Is this right?






"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\test\\libmfxsw64.dll"



Hi Watanabe San,

It looks interesting and looks like you find a work around at least.

Let me double check with the dev team to confirm. Also let me know if there is a side effect for this solution.


Hi Mark San,

Did you get any information from the dev team?


Not yet, but they are interested and doing some investigation now, I will keep you updated.



About the solution that you suggested. It works as workaround but we can't guarantee that there won't any issue with it so we don't recommend it.

Do you use Windows 10? What driver version do you have installed? Installing DCH driver (versions starting from must help you.


Is such solution suitable for you?



I use Windows8.1 and Windows10(driver v23.xx).

In Windows 10, I installed DCH driver and solved it.

Than you for your support.




In Windows 10, I installed DCH driver and solved it with Dell driver(Intel UHD Graphics 610 and 630 Series DCH Driver ,A02).

but, it don't solved it with HP(hewlett packard) driver ( Rev.C)


In Dell case,
When updating to DCH driver,  registry key [HKEUY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\MediaSDK\Dispatch ] was deleted.

but, in HP case,

Registry key [HKEUY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\MediaSDK\Dispatch ] was not deleted.

Will this affect it?


Can anyone help me?

I use IntelMSDK 2018R1 and software decode.

it is too late at MFXInit() response time with HP(hewlett packard) driver ( Rev.C).

With Dell driver(Intel UHD Graphics 610 and 630 Series DCH Driver ,A02),  no problem.

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