OpenCL not on Win Server 2008 R2! Why?

OpenCL not on Win Server 2008 R2! Why?

Got a Win Server 2008 R2 test system for a bunch of beta and experimentation software and tried to install OpenCL SDK 1.5 only to find out it is not supported on this OS.

"Very helpful" error message giving no clue at all.

Any special reason that this OS is not supported?

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Hi Guenter,

Thank you for the good feedback.
Windows Server 2008 is not part of the target operating systems of SDK 1.5 (for a full list of supported operating system, please see
We'll consider adding support to this OS on our future releases.


Well, thanks,
I had read that Vista and Win 7 and RHEL64 are supported, but I tried it on Win Server 2008R2 anyway, cuz it would have been convenient and often software runs w/o a hitch on officially not supported OSes.

With regard to the level of this forum some technical background why an install on Win Server OSes is prevented would be appreciated. I guess testing *and* running on entry-level multi-core systems would be a nice option.

Some background for you what I am up to:
I got two test systems (Intel Core 2 Q9300 and a T9550) with NVIDIA GPUs.

Setting up NVIDIA CUDA Visual Studio 2010 add ons was a no-brainer.

OTOH the Intel scenario seems quite convoluted. What am I overlooking?

I tried to use the integrated GPU in a friends brand new Macbook Air (2nd gen i7). OpenCL not supported.

Many-core Knights Corner still seemsto be well in the future for the general public...
Thanks for any insights

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