Retrieving CPU information.

Retrieving CPU information.

Dear all, I need to write a program on Windows platform to retrieve number of thread support of a processor and I need to estimate processor speed in MIPS or GFLOPS. I heard that benchmark programs helps to determine processor speed in MIPS or GFLOPS, where I can get these programs or how I can write a benchmark program to estimate MIPS or GFLOPS. If any other ways are there to calculate, please provide related information and also provide links I can get information regarding MIPS estimation. Awaiting for your reply.... Thanks in advance....

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Hi anandcta1234,The CPUID System Information Development Kit can be really helpful when you have to retrieve a lot of information from the CPU. It's not free, it's a very complete paid development kit:, if you just want to determine the number of threads, that's simpler and you'll find many articles about this topic in these forums.Hope it helps,Gaston Hillar

Hi anandcta1234,If you work with Intel TBB, I think that this article is going to be helpful: Hillar

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