Excellent book on C# Threading/Parallel Programming

Excellent book on C# Threading/Parallel Programming

Thought I'd share a great read. It has just enough theory and hands-on. Sufficient C# knowledge is a plus. The book employs VS 2010 (in addition to a little usage of VS 2005 and a lot of VS 2008) - don't let the title fool you; it was published in 2009. Very relevant resource.

Title: C# 2008 and 2005 Threaded Programming
Author: Gaston C. Hillar
Publisher: Packt Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-847197-10-8


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I checked this out on Amazon, and am thinking of giving it a read. How reputable is Hillar as an author?

Joseph. aka "i7 Guru"
Internet marketing consultant

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Gaston Hillar is rather young (as compared to Knuth) but in my opinion he is well versed and a knowledgeable resource. He is a frequent contributor on this forum (a Black Belt recipient too) and bloggerhere on ISN and on DDJ (andother Internet forums/blogs). I have no doubt that his book would be of value to the reader.

Jim Dempsey


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