Any examples about MPI/OpenMP

Any examples about MPI/OpenMP


I am coding with MPI/OpenMP. I have 10 nodes, including 1 master node and 9 slave nodes. I have 100 tasks. The master node will collect information about the status of slave nodes and tasks. Once the master node find a avaliable slave node, it will assign a task to the slave node. Once a slave node finished a task, it will let the master node know its node id and the task id. Only one task is assigned to a slave node each time. The processure will continue untile all tasks are done. Do you know to code with MPI/OpenMP? Any example codes are highly appreciated.


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It's certainly feasible to run OpenMP within an MPI rank. That's the MPI_THREAD_FUNNELED mode set up by MPI_Init_thread().
If your choice is to use OpenMP tasks to start off individual MPI sessions, that's MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE.
There's more MPI expertise on the HPC/cluster forum.

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