Error spawning df.exe

Error spawning df.exe

I have recently purchased Intel Visual Fortran 11.1 with IMSLWhen I try to run my program with visual studio I get the following error.

Compiling Fortran...
Error spawning df.exe

Rainflow.obj - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

do you know how it can be fixed?
It seems that Visual Studio is not able to find Fortran compiler.

I am able to run my *.f90 files from command line but I can not run them in Visual StudioI located DF.exe in my computer and I added its directory to Visual Studio in tools-options-directories but this did not fix my problem.any help would be appreciated.

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df was a name for the CVF compiler. You must have a script which invoked it. That compiler will not integrate with any currently supported Visual Studio.
Command line name for Intel Fortran 11.1 is ifort (ifort.exe).
The companion forum for Windows Fortran is the place to look up advice on these compilers.

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