intel ipp 7.0

intel ipp 7.0

i want to write a cryptography program using intel ipp version 7.0 for linux.But after installation process complete ,our system doesnot support the cryptography header file (ippcp.h).i need a help to get out of this problem...kindly send me suggestion for it...

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Have you obtained the IPP crytography libraries? If not then you will have to make a separate request for it since it is not included in the IPP installer.

Take a look at this page:

That's right. The standart IPP package doesn't contain IPP Crypto package. Crypto libraryavailable as separate installation package.Two important notes:1)You must first install the Intel IPP library before installing the IPP cryptography add-on library.and2) The version of Crypto package you have to insatll must be the same as version of IPP installed.for example:if you have IPP version ( see \doc\ippsupport.txt file )Package ID: w_ipp_ia32_p_6.1.5.054then IPP Crypto version must have be the same *_6.1.5.054--Gennady

Hi,Check if the following link is of any help: Sinha

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