procedure entry point mkl_serv_sngl

procedure entry point mkl_serv_sngl


I've successfully compiled a program but when I run it I get

The procedure entry point mkl_srv_sngl_was_called could not be located in the dynamic link library mkl_intel_thread.dll

I am using visual studio 2008 professional ( 2009). compiling for x64, using em64t compiler and link options for

Intel compiler 11.1.067

Have tried various build components for MKL , No, Parallel, Sequential, makes no difference.

I previously compiled and ran this program last year with windows vista and older versions of Intel Compiler and MKL. I have since upgraded to Windows 7 and the above Intel product versions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Are you linking in accordance with the MKL link advisor? Specialized MKL questions would get better attention on the MKL forum.

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