Add the recevied data to existing recieve buffer by using MPI

Add the recevied data to existing recieve buffer by using MPI

I am trying to execute a code on 2 proess (for begining) to calculate forces . i want to exchange these data such a way that when one process sends the data, it has to be added to the present value at the recieve buffer. I am not able to do it using the MPI communication there a way to achieve this result?
For eg : at a Point A in process 1 i have force 10N and i need to send the force to the other and add this 10N to the already present value of say 5N in recieve buffer...
MPI_Reduce does it one process, but i want both of the process to do the same operation when they recive the forces from other.
any information in this diretion will be very helpful.

PS: if this is not the forum to discuss generic questions, please let me know where i need to post this.

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Hello Sunny,

I'll move this to our Threading on Intel Parallel Architectures forum, since it's about parallel computing. Thanks for your question.

Aubrey W.
Intel Software Network Support

Edit: I think Clay answered your question at But let me know if you still need assistance.

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