using openmp

using openmp

Is it possible to use opemp with c Developer , without using visual c/c++ ?
which c compilers support openmp without visual c/c++ ?

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Intel C++
gcc/g++ + libgomp

As it's not known what is meant by "c Developer," Dmitriy's cryptic response may be as good as any.

Intel C++ IA32 for Windows can run from command line with the support of the VC Express installation, adding OpenMP support, even though it's lacking in that Microsoft version.
There is limited OpenMP (libgomp or otherwise) support in certain versions of gcc for Windows.
Linux compilers, of course, don't depend on any Microsoft components.

Or you may download Visual C++ Express Edition or SDK, and use cl.exe from command line.

Thanx a lot. meant

Thanx a lot. I meant K developer of Fedora Linux.

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