cache L1 size

cache L1 size

Thanks for the last commands to help me to know every thing about my hardware, but, it seemly that is impossible to know cache L1 size by those commands. I'used before sending those e_mails cpuinfo, but it gives me only cache L2 size.
Please help me, i want to know tne sizes of cache L1 for this architecture:
IntelPentiumDual CPU T2310@1.46Ghz
Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz 1.80GHz

Thanks a lot, it is very urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Both of these systems have 2 x 32kb L1 caches.

The L1 cache is a piece of hardware, not software. It is small but fast memory inside the processor that keeps a copy of some parts of the main memory for faster access.Caches have been part of the processor design for some decades now. There are several levels of caches and thefirst level is referred to as"Level 1" or L1 for short.

For both the systems, size of L1 Cache is -
L1 Cache - 256-bit data path, Full Speed
L1 Data Cache - 32 KB data cache, Integrated
L1 Instruction Cache - 32 KB instruction cache, Integrated

L1, "Level1" orprimary cache, is used for temporary storage of instructions and data organised in blocks of 32 bytes. Because it's built in to the chip with a zero wait-state (delay) interface to the processor's execution unit, it is limited in size.
Itkeeps most frequently used instructions with L2 holding the next most likely needed bits of data.

Enjoy! :)

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