About Thread Pool Engine ...

About Thread Pool Engine ...


Skybuck wrote about my Thread Pool Engine:

>1. Delete your thread pool, because it's junk.
>2. Write a serious/big application that uses many threads,
> and simply derive from TThread to see how easy it is.

also Skybuck wrote about my Thread Pool Engine:

> Your code seems too complex for something as simple as running
> a few threads ! ;)
> Bye,
> Skybuck :)

I have designed my Thread Pool Engine for 'scalability',
it uses my Lock-free ParallelQueue:



So it is very efficient.

Also, WHEN the consumers/workers are doing their jobs ,
the producers can still do their jobs 'asychronously' and 'push'
their items/jobs in the queue - WHILE the workers/consumers are
doing their jobs - so , with Thread Pool Engine you can use
efficiently your multicores..


Hence , my Thread Pool Engine is efficient and useful.

Amine Moulay Ramdane.

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