Threading in VB

Threading in VB


If I have a SW that is being developed on VB will I be able to incorporate threads into my SW to take advantage of Multi core. If not are there any other options by which I could compute parallely on both cores using VB as my dev platform.

The 2nd part to my question is - are there any tools that will help finding the no of threads and the level of utilization of each core. My seraches yield Intel Vtune Performance Analyzer, could you point me to whether Vtune would deliver to my requirements.

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I don't know a lotabout Visual Basic, which I've not used much for development, but Ihave donesome experiments with one of the Java VMs and Intel Thread Profiler. In this VM each of the Java threads was instantiated as a real OS thread so I could follow their activity and notice such things as thread lifetimes and concurrency. If the same is true for VB, you might be able to get some of the indicators you seek using that tool.


In VB.NET you do have virtually all the same options that you have in C#. The one I find most useful for threading is the QueueUserWorkItem function which provides you a way to just pass a function to be executed in a thread that is run up the Win32 threadpool. It is a quick way to get started.

Also if you search in the various places websites (; one of my favorites), you can find some information wrt to C#. It will apply to VB.NET as well, you'll just have to look up the translations in MSDN.

If you are talking VB6 or older, I'm afraid it's beyond my knowledge.


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