OpenMP Workqueuing Examples

OpenMP Workqueuing Examples


I am doing my research on OpenMP runtime support and I am trying to find some benchmarksfor the OpenMP workqueuing execution model. Unfortunately, I cannot find any, although severalbenchmarkshave been reported in published papers and some used to be available(at KAI's ftp site, a long time ago).

I hope this is the right place to ask.

Thank you all,


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Panagiotis -

Yes, you've come to the right place. I'm here at the old KAI site. If the benchmarks that you are asking about are anywhere, they should be somewhere around here. I'll ask around and post anything that I can find.


Panagiotis -

Attached is one of the zip archives that have the (proposed) OpenMP Workqueue benchmarks. The next message will have a second one.

-- clay

Second workqueue benchmark example.

Dear Clay,

Thank you very much. I am grateful for your interest.
Hopefully other people will find these examples useful too.
I expect so, since the workqueuing model will probably
become official part of the OpenMP standard.

Thanks again,

Hello Panagiotis,

These test programs were developed before KAI was acquired by Intel. You will need to change 'guidec' to 'icc -openmp' in the Makefiles. Because taskq is an Intel extension to OpenMP, you will also need to add 'intel' to the taskq pragmas, e.g.:

#pragma omp parallel taskq


#pragma intel omp parallel taskq

Let us know if you have any trouble getting these programs to work.

Best regards,

Thanks for your interest. In fact, I was aware of that issue but other people may not. I encountered only one problem in thestrassen benchmark, where there is a nested taskq.My primary intention, however,was tohave someexamples ofthe model.

I am working on somesimilar applications that use these directives. As soon as I have them ready, I willpostthem here.


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