runtime of functions

runtime of functions


I've got a question concerning the Comand Line Interface of Intel trace Analyzer. I want to evaluate the total-runtime of one function of a mpi-program. I know how to do this using the GUI, but I want to get the average runtime of about 20 runs of the MPI-program. So how can I "ungroup" (as it is called in the GUI-version) the functions in the CLI? At the moment I can only find out how long the programm in total was running...

Thank you in advance for an answer


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Hi Bernard,

Looks like stftool (a part of ITAC package) could help you. You can use:
   stftool trace_name.stf --print-statistics  >trace_name.stats

This command generates summary information about all commands.
But, you need to get information about one tick duration and it means that you need to convert a trace and get CLKPERIOD value. You may use:
   xstftool trace_name.stf --print-statistics | grep CLKPERIOD

To get function index you may need to use:
   xstftool trace_name.stf --print-statistics | grep MPI_Alltoall

After that just try this out:
   grep " N:" trace_name.stats
where N is the index you got by the previous command (number after DEFSTATE)

Sure, you can use `xstftool trace_name.stf`which genereates human readable text file and you can easily parse it but be prepared that it may take a lot of time to generate output file and it may be huge.



Hello Dmitry,

Thank you very much for your answer! I tried to follow your hints, but didn't get the results I wanted to get. For example one function couldn't be found in the stats-file:

$ stftool sofi3D.stf --print-statistics > sofi3D.stats

$ xstftool sofi3D.stf --print-statistics | grep exchange_s
Writing tracefile -
entry for undefined statistics #1
DEFSAMPCLASS "Application:/home/ws/bi140/sofi3D_impi/src/exchange_s.c"
DEFACT 41 "Application:/home/ws/bi140/sofi3D_impi/src/exchange_s.c"
DEFSTATE 70 ACT "Application:/home/ws/bi140/sofi3D_impi/src/exchange_s.c:exchange_s"

$ grep "70:" sofi3D.stats

it retruns nothing. But I'm sure (and ITA tells me the same) that the function exchange_s was active. In addition to this I tried to evaluate a second function:

$ xstftool sofi3D.stf --print-statistics | grep exchange_v
Writing tracefile -
entry for undefined statistics #1
DEFSAMPCLASS "Application:/home/ws/bi140/sofi3D_impi/src/exchange_v.c"
DEFACT 40 "Application:/home/ws/bi140/sofi3D_impi/src/exchange_v.c"
DEFSTATE 71 ACT "Application:/home/ws/bi140/sofi3D_impi/src/exchange_v.c:exchange_v"

$ grep "71:" sofi3D.stats
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 14:571:1:32440320000:32440320000:32440320000:32440320000:32440320000:32440320000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 12:571:1:32055296000:32055296000:32055296000:32055296000:32055296000:32055296000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 10:571:1:31752192000:31752192000:31752192000:31752192000:31752192000:31752192000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 8:571:1:35364864000:35364864000:35364864000:35364864000:35364864000:35364864000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 6:571:1:27189248000:27189248000:27189248000:27189248000:27189248000:27189248000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 4:571:1:27623424000:27623424000:27623424000:27623424000:27623424000:27623424000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 2:571:1:26648576000:26648576000:26648576000:26648576000:26648576000:26648576000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 0:571:1:10141696000:10141696000:10141696000:10141696000:10141696000:10141696000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 15:571:1:32317440000:32317440000:32317440000:32317440000:32317440000:32317440000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 13:571:1:32686080000:32686080000:32686080000:32686080000:32686080000:32686080000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 11:571:1:31825920000:31825920000:31825920000:31825920000:31825920000:31825920000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 9:571:1:33005568000:33005568000:33005568000:33005568000:33005568000:33005568000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 7:571:1:26992640000:26992640000:26992640000:26992640000:26992640000:26992640000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 5:571:1:27148288000:27148288000:27148288000:27148288000:27148288000:27148288000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 3:571:1:27230208000:27230208000:27230208000:27230208000:27230208000:27230208000
INFO FUNCTION_PROFILE 1:571:1:28794880000:28794880000:28794880000:28794880000:28794880000:28794880000

This seems to be fine. But when I compared the results (CLKPERIOD=1.2207E-13) with the results I got using ITA I realized that there is a difference of 3,644683072E-005 s... Maybe this value is so small that ITA can't manage it (rounding error)? But the fact that the function-ID turns from 71 to 571 is a bit confusing to me. And what's about the function grep cant't fint in sofi3D.stats?

Best regards


Well, Bernard, you haven't mentioned that this is a non-mpi function. It doesn't have statistics information in the trace.

So, you should generate a text representation of the trace `xstftool sofi3D.stf > sofi3D.avt`
After that `grep exchange_s sofi3d.avt`.

I'm not familiar with user code investigation by ITAC but I hope that looking at the AVT file may give you a clue - just open it in a text viewer.

Yeah, 3e-5 is rather rounding error because each event has precision worse than 1e-6.



Hi Dmitry,

i tried this yesterday, but it wasn't very helpful. Now I decided not to evaluate the runtimes automaticly but using ITA instead. It will be a lot of stupid work exporting the "flat-data" again and again but it works.

Thank you anyway for your help. At a later point i have to evaluate the MPI-calls, so then your solution will save time :-)

Best regards


BTW, Bernhard,
Intel MPI has internal statistics. Just set I_MPI_STATS to a value from 1 to 10 and you can get some information (might be very difficult to ananlyze automatically). And there is 'ipm' value to produce an output in IPM-like format. Just give it a try and might you'll find it useful.


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