Is there any emulator(PMEP) for persistent memory?

Is there any emulator(PMEP) for persistent memory?

I've been studying the performance of persistent memory in Linux.

And I'm using the DRAM with Dax instead of Persistent memory.

However, in some paper(A study of Application Performance with Non-Volatile Main Memory, System Software for Persistent Memory[EuroSys 14])

I saw there is some emulator for persistent memory(PMEP).

I googled intensively about that, but I couldn't found the information of the PMEP.

So is there any emulator for persistent memory?

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Hi John,

Somebody else asked a similar question in this thread:

He was recommended addressing his question through the SSD department.

So, probably they can also help you.


Hello John,

I have heard about Quartz, an emulator for persistent memory. However, you may cross-check it again from the below article.



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