Neural Network As Drivers for Intel iGPUs

Neural Network As Drivers for Intel iGPUs

Hi, I'm a mechanical engineering student but I came across about an idea regarding using neural network as the driver or part of the driver for intel iGPUs itself to drive intel HD graphics components as well as the processing of graphic images and on audio in intel HD audio. I'd like to do it but I'm too busy with my work in mechanical engineering to take another course and study about programming for neural networks that could be used to accurately (accurate or enhanced or lossless) and brilliantly process graphic images and audio signals for intel CPUs and iGPUs. Can you do this for me Intel?

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Hello Rolly,

Thank you for asking your question, however, this is a discussion forum that is used primarily for answering questions related to the material and course offerings on the Intel Nervana AI Academy.  We do not developer drivers here.


Ok, thank you for the reply.

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