Intel C++ compiler using OpenMP vs GCC

Intel C++ compiler using OpenMP vs GCC

I'd like some input about the current status of Intel OpenMP implementation vs GCC in terms of performance.

I'm deploying a large medical app that always used GCC as it's primary compiler and now we are switching to ICC.

Any comparison would be helpful.

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This forum is for discussions of the implementation of the Intel open-Source OpenMP runtime, not for general questions about the performance of icc (even of icc with OpenMP). You would therefore be better asking this question in a more general forum (such as Threading on Intel® Parallel Architectures.)

FWIW, I wondered whether there were results that could be used to get you the information, but of the submitted results,  none seem to use gcc. (Which may, in itself, tell you something, since many of these results were submitted by people other than Intel).

There seem very few gcc compiled SpecOMP results; even if you look at SpecOMP2001 (the only ones I can find are from 2008, which  show the Intel compilers having a significant advantage over gcc on the same hardware, but since those are from five years ago they may not remain relevant. If you want to find them you can search the SpecOMP results yourself ; the system is ES7000/1).

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