2 CPUs vs num_threads

2 CPUs vs num_threads

I have 2 xeon CPUs in the PC, each has 4 cores. However, I can only set num_threads to 4. If I set it to a number > 4, I get a message:

OMP: Error #136: Cannot create thread.
OMP: System error #8: Not enough storage is available to process this command.
OMP: Error #178: Function GetExitCodeThread() failed:
OMP: System error #6: The handle is invalid.

Is it not possible to use all the cores in the system because they are distributed accross 2 cpus or why is this happening?

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You are asking your question in the wrong place. This forum is for discussion of the implementation of the open-source OpenMP runtime, not for questions about the use of the commercially distributed runtime. Therefore please ask again in the normal support fora, for instance Threading on Intel® Parallel Architectures.

You would also do well to add additional information, such as the operating system you are using, the compiler version and so on...

Good luck

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