firstprivate(CppObject) causes segmentation fault

firstprivate(CppObject) causes segmentation fault


I think the OpenMP firstprivate() clause is broken in the Intel C++ Compiler when used with C++ objects. I am running Linux x86-64 (Fedora 20) and I have installed the latest version of the Intel C++ Compiler. My program ( runs fine with both G++ 4.8 and MSVC 2012 but crashes with a segmentation fault (sometimes also 'double free') with icpc. I did some investigation and found that the following code causes the segmentation fault:

PhiCache cache(primes, phiTiny);

#pragma omp parallel for firstprivate(cache) reduction(-: S2) num_threads(threads) schedule(dynamic)
for (int64_t b = c; b < a_1; b++)
{ }

Note that cache object causes a segmentation fault even if it is not used inside the for loop. If I remove firstprivate(cache) then there is no segmentation fault. Also if I disable OpenMP there is no segmentation fault. Below are the member variables of the PhiCache object. Note that PhiCache class does not use new/delete to manage memory.

class PhiCache() {
std::vector<std::vector<uint16_t> > cache_;
const std::vector<int32_t>& primes_;
const PhiTiny& phiTiny_;
int64_t bytes_;

Thanks for your help,

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Hi Kim,

1. As you complain on the compiler issue it is better to post this on the compiler forum, not on the open source runtime forum.

2. Anyway, I tried your program on RHEL 6.2 (don't have Fedora 20 machine), compiled primesieve library and primecount application by the same Intel compiler (Version, and everything works fine for me.  Though I could not use recommended process (configure, make, etc.) because configure ended with error, so I juct called "icpc *.cpp" in the source directory with appropriate options for include files locations.


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