RT Kernel with OpenMP

RT Kernel with OpenMP



I wonder if there is already a way to support Real Time kernel with OpenMP, I mean something like Mini OS that can be used for OpenMP, this way you can support many cores and use the advantage of RT when using OpenMP.


Any suggestions ?




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This seems a very general question which is not really related to the Intel Open-source OpenMP runtime. A few comments, though

  1. You have the runtime sources, so can port them to an RTOS if you choose.
  2. OpenMP may not be an ideal programming model for use in a real-time environment. The fork/join model (and frequent barriers which it implies) mean that OpenMP performs poorly when hardware threads are stolen out from underneath OpenMP threads, as seems likely to happen if you have higher priority real-time threads running.
  3. (Contradicting 2!) If your proposal is that an RTOS should lead to fewer interrupts of OpenMP code than a full kernel, and you're not expecting to use the real-time aspects, then it may make sense. This is the same approach as we have seen historically on large HPC machines for a long time. (At least back to Catamount; a current example would be the uOS on BG/Q)

So, "It depends" :-)

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