Ipp cuatom dll in debug mode

Ipp cuatom dll in debug mode

While upgrading an IPP custom DLL as part of the Beta processin VStudio 2005, I've got an error stating 'LNK1103: debug info corrupted for module xxxxxxx' (This is a translation as I get the message in spanish).

It seems that the problem is caused for some ipp modules being compiled with VStudio 2008 and that a patch (VS80sp1-KB949009-X86-INTL.exe) is available.

I've installed the patch and it seems to work, but this patch seems to be provisional and Microsoft states that it shouldn't be used unless strictly necessary.

Is this information right? Does the problem will affect the Final Release or there will be VS2008 and VS2005 compiled versions of the libraries?

Thanks and best regards.

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I am getting in touch with the IPP development group and will get back to you on this with the correct info., ASAP. Appreciate your patience till then, thanks.


Dear Customer,

This problem occurs because of a compatibility issue between Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 versions, Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products.

Please refer to below link to get more information on this bug and hot fix to this issue.



Naveen Gv

Hi again,

in fact, that is the URL where Microsoft states that the fix is specific and that it must be used if you are finding trouble. And of course I agree that this is a Microsoft related issue.

But, unfortunately, real world is somehow different from Microsoft world.This is year 2010 and we are just now migrating our development environments from VStudio 2003 to VStudio 2005. The main reason of "persistent obsolete tools" is that we have to support complex applications that our customers don't keep updated as much as we would like.

An example:

Suppose we are releasing now V9 of our tools. That means that some customers that areusing V6 or V7 willstudy to upgrade to V8 that was released 9-10 months ago. Of course, release V6 was released about 3 years ago but they upgraded to that version 1.5years ago and they are pretty satisfied with their status.

And don't forget that customers that are still at V5. And since we are not Intel or Microsoft, we have a pretty small market share and cannot move on without thinking what is the real situation for our customers.

You canapply this example no only to development but to OS, databases, etc.
That's the reason after my original question.

Thanks and best regards

Hi Manuel,

Yes, this is a MS isssue. Nevertheless, appreciate your detailed input, which I've passed on to the product teams again. I'll update this thread if there's any furtherfeedback, thanks.


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