RSADecrypt regression in Composer beta

RSADecrypt regression in Composer beta


One of my unit tests detected that RSADecrypt is returning ippStsOutOfRangeErr when using the 7.0beta library. It works without problems with IPP 6.1.

RSAEncryptseems tobeworking fine since the encrypted data is the same as in 6.1, so it must be a problem in RSADecrypt.

I'm using the static dispatch libraries, and tested both px (standard) and p8 (SSE4.1) versions.

I'vemade a test case,attached.


Downloadapplication/zip rsatest.zip6.29 KB
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Thanks for the report. I will look into the issue and get back to you.


Hi Ricardo,

Thank you a lot for the reports. We can reproduce the problem. It happened in quite rare situation . WE will fix the bug in next version.


Hello Ricardo,

I'm glad to notify you that we release IPP 7.0 Betain this week. The bug is supposed to fixed in the the new release. You are welcomed to try the version.
Please visit the following site to get access on the Beta package:


Hello Ying,

This version fixed the problem. However, the newpackage for Parallel Studio Beta Update 1(composer_2011_crypto_ipp_update1_ia32_setup.exe) apparently does nothave the same updated version of the library, since I can still reproduce the problem with that package. I've posted about it here:


Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for letting me know. You are right, the Parallel Composer 2011 beta update1haven't included thesameversion of the library due to separate release model and schedule. IPP 70 standalone and Composer XE have common one for related releases. The fix library package will be in

Parallel Composer 2011 beta update2, which will be release soon.

Seems we needcreate a article like the below
Which version of Intel IPP, Intel MKL and Intel TBB is installed by the Intel Compiler Professional Edition?
to align the libraryversion info in Parallel Composer.


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