nullptr keyword

nullptr keyword


VC10 now supports the C++0x nullptr keyword, butit seems that ICL 12 does not support it, even when "Enable C++0x" is set in project options.

If this is by design, I'd like to request it as an important feature, since it breaks compatibility with VC10.


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Hi Ricardo,

Thanks for the report. I will look into this issue and get back to you.



There is an existing request to implement the nullptr support in the Composer but it will not be in the first release of the Composer. Do you consider nullptr support a High, Medium, or Low priority feature?


Conceptually, nullptr is a nice feature since it solves, for example,the problem of passing NULL pointerto an overloaded function receiving int and void* as parameter, which is ambiguous since NULL is defined as 0.

Although anyone can still live without it, the main issue would be the lack of compatibility with MSVC 2010 projects that are taking advantage of it. So, I would consider this a Medium priority in general, but High priority if you want full compatibility between VS 2010 and Composer.

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