Composer VS2008 Integration Beta problem

Composer VS2008 Integration Beta problem


In my VS 2008 solution I have one Lib-type project (Configuration type: Static library). Everything worked fine with release version of Composer (up to Upgrade 6). Since I installed Composer Beta (now Upgrade 1 installed), Lib-type project stopped to compile, I have the following error message:

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what os are you using?

I saw a similar issue with "link.exe" on a Windows 7 system with VS2008 and no Intel Parallel Composer.


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Please install this hotfix:

It fixed my issue. More detail is discussed here:

Let me know if it works for you and thanks,

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for the hint! Installing this hot-fix fixed this problem!

BTW I am using Windows 7 x64.

Maybe it is worthwhile to install some other hot-fixes for VS2008? Do you have a list and links?

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I can't find a list with VS2008 hot-fixes.
The easiest is to install the SPx when it's available. Right now it seems the VS2008 SP1 is available.

This link shows all the downloadable for development tools:


I do have VS2001 SP1 installed, but it seems to me that there are more recent hot-fixes, and at least some of them may be extemely useful for the native code development. It is strange that Microsoft do not provide this information in easily accessible form.

I will try to have a closer look at


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