Problem in finding icons on microsoft visual studio

Problem in finding icons on microsoft visual studio


I can not follow the "Intel Parallel Studio 2011 Getting
Started Tutorial". I am unable to find the Parallel Amplifier Icon on
my visual studio IDE. Here goes my setup details:

o. Installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 successfully
o. Intel Parallel studio installed successfully.
0. I can see only the parallel studio composer icon (Co)on the VC++.
o. I can not find any other icon like advisor (Ad), amplifier (Ap, ), Inspector (In) .
o. I checked all "Tool" menu bar for these icons. But I failed.
o. I have moderate experience in using Windows OS.

help me in finding all functionalities of Parallel studio on microsoft
visual studio. Any help will be appreciated and welcome.


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do you have VS2008 express edition?
If so, it's expected. There is a limitation with express edition that does not expose the needed interfaces for integration.


This issue is solved by email.

The reason that there are no toolbars for Insepctor or Amplifier is because he downloaded and installed only the Parallel Composer beta.


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