Calling C# to Win32 class library run on Intel C++ Compiler Beta

Calling C# to Win32 class library run on Intel C++ Compiler Beta

Now I try to develop Image processing applicationusing Windows Form (C#) andWin32Classlibrary run on Intel C++ Compiler Beta in order to use Intel Parallel Processing technology. I have several questions to ask everyone:

  • Can I conbine Windows Form (C#) and Win32 Class library (Unmanaged C++) compiled on Intel C++ Compiler Betain the same Visual Studio solution? (I'm not sure because when I created Win32 Class library projectand converted it to run on Intel C++ Compiler Beta, then I added this project to the Visual Studio solution whichinclude Windows Form (C#) project, the project's icon of Win32 Class library project is "Intel C++" icon, but when I converted Win32 Class library project back to use Visual C++ Compilerfrom this Visual Studio solution, I can't convertit back to Intel C++ Compiler Beta!)
  • How do Icall the function from C#, run on .NET Framework, in C++ which run on Intel C++ Compiler Beta (Acually, I tried to call using PInvoke technique, but I got EntryPointNotFoundException. After I found the problem, I got to know that it didn't map the method name correctly, and the solution is using extern "C" command inserted into the front of function name in C++ code. But, unfortunally, Intel C++ Compiler Betadoesn't support that command!)
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Yes, you can combine the C# with C++ native projects. See MSDN
Call into unmanaged APIs from managed code
This can be done for both flat APIs (static DLL exports, such as the Win32 API, which is exposed from DLLs like kernel32.dll and user32.dll) and COM APIs (object models such as those exposed by Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) and so forth).

The "Intel C++" icon problem maybe because you have selected the C# project. It is context-sensitive.

I have not done coding related to PInvoke for a long time. So I can not tell what might be wrong.
But try to follow what's suggested in msdn. If it works by building the C++ native project with VC, it should work with IntelC.

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