icl doesnt support multiple cpp files

icl doesnt support multiple cpp files

Hello I just installed parallel studio and followed the instructions to change the compiler in devstudio to the Intel one and I get this error during the compilation of my project:[ multiple wait failed, error=-1 ]cur=-1 ] and then the compiler stops.

I then tried the same thing but this time from the command line and got the same error.
(although I think it also says that process_status=6

I then tried just compiling one cpp file at the time and it works !

I tried other cpp files and they all work as long as I compile one at a time...

So it seems that icl doesnt like multiple cpp files at the same time.

I tried removing some of the options I was passing to the compiler but no luck.
Even the simplest form "icl myFirstFile.cpp mySecondFile.cpp" reports the same error...

Any help would be appreciated... Thanks

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Pardon the delay.I could compile multiple files without any problems with Composer (from the latest Studio package - update2).Can you give us information on the following:

1. What architecture you're compiling this on?
2.What version of Visual Studio you've installed Studio on?
3. What do you get for this command in cmd window: %icl /V

Note that the Studio product supports VS2005, VS2008 and for IA32 and Intel-64 architectures only

Can you compile with the /P option which will generate the preprocessed .i file to this post so I can try on my system. Or you can attach the project soln also, appreciate much.


Quoting - misterroboto
[ multiple wait failed, error=-1 ]cur=-1 ] and then the compiler stops.

This is a bug with /MP. It has been reported to our engineer team. When it's fixed, we will let you know.

I also noticed that an issue has been filed with the latest package when using the /MP option to compile multiple processes and processors, we do get the error you state above, This will be fixed in the next update, just FYI

Possible workarounds:

1) Compile a single source file at a time
2) do not use /MP

I'll let you know as soon as the next release with the fix is out.
Thanks much for your patience till such time.


Just letting you know that this is fixed and I'll update you as soon as the next update containing the fix is out. Appreciate your patience through this.



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