Amplifier Concurrency Analysis not working for OpenMP tasks

Amplifier Concurrency Analysis not working for OpenMP tasks


I tested a small application in three variants

a) sequential
b) parallelized with OpenMP tasks
c) parallelized with omp parallel sections

b) and c) deliver about the same speedup on a dual core, while b) is slightly faster.
This meets my expectaions.

But when I analyze "Concurrency" for b) only half of the processor time is shown and concurrency is "poor" while for c) the correct processor time with mainly "ideal" concurrency is shown.

Seems like OpenMP tasks are not supported by the Amplifier, yet!?


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Hi Urs,

OpenMP tasks are not supported by Intel Parallel Amplifier. Thanks for signalling it, we should add it to the Release Notes.

Would you please share your thoughts of what exactly you'd like to see in Concurrenct results regarding OpenMP tasks?Some particular structure of results representation is expected, tasks groupping or smth., etc? Any input is much appreciated.

Hello Vladimir,

minimum requirement would be that the methods, executed in parallel tasks, are shown as parallel (green bar) with the correct CPU time.
Further you should take a look at the Visual Studio 2010 features announced by Microsoft: parallel stacks views (for thrads and tasks) and profiling views, showing what each thread in the system is doing over a timeline.


Hello Urs,

Thanks for your input. I'll pass the suggestions to the development team.

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