help me!! thx

help me!! thx

i have a problem here.
after installing the Parallel Studio Beta 2,i can not find the profile "hotspot" of Amplifier on the toolbar of my VS2005(but the composer is ok)or in tools menu in vs2005.
is the function of amplifier not working?

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First, let's ensure that Intel Parallel Amplifier got installed correctly. Can you open the Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel), Select Add or Remove Programs, and search the list of installed software for Intel Parallel Amplifier or Intel Parallel Amplifier Beta. If you do not see it, please uninstall any Parallel Studio components you see in the list and re-install the update 2 package. Be sure that Parallel Amplifier is selected as part of the combined install.

If you do see Parallel Ampflier in the list of installed software, try re-starting Visual Studio. Open a C or C++ project. Then look at your Tools menu. The sub-menu you should be looking for is called Intel Parallel Amplifier. Do you see this under Tools? If so, you can access Hotspots from here.

Please reply back with the outcome of these 2 tests.

To add to Shannon's suggestions, here are some additional suggestions:
* Select the View->Toolbars menu to confirm that "Intel Parallel Amplifier" (or the toolbar for the tool you just installed) option is available and ticked (if not ticked, you can select it and the toolbar will appear)
* It is possible that the Amplifier toolbar is installed and available but the toolbars in your Visual Studio invocation are all cluttered up. In this case, consider deselecting some toolbars to make sure that the Amplifier tool bar is more prominently visible
* Some non-English OSes may have issues. Please see this KB article for more information:
* Last resort (and unsupported): There are some unsupported command invocations to properly register with Visual Studio framework so that the Amplifier toolbar will appear (see but note that the vs-reg-tool may have been renamed to ampl-vsreg.exe

Shannon and RAVI thank you so much. follow your guide my problem is fixed by [Some non-English OSes may have issues. Please see this KB article for more information:

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