nullptr in VS2010

nullptr in VS2010

Recently I've noticed my code failing to compile because Intel Composer does not know anything about the nullptr or nullptr_t type which was introduced into Visual Studio 2010 as a C++0x language feature.
For now i fixed it by defining nullptr=0 as a preprocessor macro but this isn't ideal.

I would like to see my code compile with icc as it is.
Microsoft is also using the nullptr type in their version of STL in combination with the perfect forwarding feature which passes parameter as they are to another function. And as long people use NULL to initialize pointers the result is wrong because NULL == 0 which is an int and therefor not deduced to the same type.

Changing the /Qstd=c++0x flag does not change the compiler behavior.

P.S. I have tested with Composer 2011 Beta update 2


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The nullptr is one of those few features we do not support yet.
Let me send it to compiler engineer as a feature request. It's been requested by some others already.


I just got Intel C++ Studio Update 1 and ran into the same problem: nullptr and nullptr_t are not recognized.What is the status of this feature?

It would be good if Intel can support this soon. We work with people who are using VS2010 ans use nullptr in their code. It becomes really troublesome to integrate their code into our system if Intel doesn't support nullptr. Any idea when this feature might be released?

The nullptr support has been implemented but only in the mainline, soit will be in the next release.


Can you clarify what you mean by "next release"? Am I correct to say it will not appear in any version of Composer XE 2011? Thanks!

Any estimates for its beta and official release?

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