IPS XE 2011 Update 1 hungs at phase 28 of 28

IPS XE 2011 Update 1 hungs at phase 28 of 28

Hint shows that will take about 5 minimutes to finalize interface to VS2005 - I Cancelled after 45.
Message appear to the affects to revert installation - So far it has beenanother 45 and no sign of quitting.

How long does it takes to undo ? It would be nice to have a rough time line limitas hint.

I probably will shut the whole thing down since I believe is going nowhere.
What should I have expected during the execution of the undo step ?

If there anything been said on the screen ?
Is there a LOG file that I can suppy to investigate the issue ?

FYI: Running on XP Professional SP3 + XEON Dual Quad machine
Installing the 32 bits package



Repeat Installation and the Repair, neither of them went past step 17
Tried to install original IPS XE 2011 original Beta
It says that VS2005 is still running and it could not continue, manually terminate process DevEnv.Exe

Retried installation and every time it appear to hung noticed that DevEnv.exe was running and the display hint was saying deleting back-up copy

Again repeated the step, eventually I got to finish installation
At one step said that integration with VS2005 failed and to go on the WEB to see for a solution

I attach the LOG file which name was made public after the installation completed.
Looks to me it should be always known, so in caseof problem I can forward what is in the Log file


VS2005 is now damaged
Now I am forced toreinstall all

Downloadapplication/octet-stream PSXE2011.Log42.55 MB
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This is to let you know that I was able to install the XE 2011 package ok. eventually.

The action of re-installing OS and VS2005 (by recovering from a safe copy of Acronis back-up copy) turned out to be the right move, though the most painfull

Appearently my machine Administation user access got corrupted somehow...
The system believed I was an administrator but I could not administrate my computer settings (???) though the tools were saying I should have been able to do so.

No Malware/adware and virus checking was able to detect problem

Thanks, anyway

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