Customer feed-back for User Interface in Parallel Amplifier XE beta

Customer feed-back for User Interface in Parallel Amplifier XE beta


I was following the first steps on a software architect of a big ISV. He was quickly lost in the layered navigation between the views. He therefore asked for a "back" button, where he could go back to the previous view.

Kind regards

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Hello Thomas,

I assume that you talked about "Button-up" display, "Thread" panel.

1. The user canselect time rangethen do"Zoom-in On Selection", but contents in "Function -CallStack" panelwill not bechanged.
a) The user can use "Undo Previous Zoom Selection" to go back, -OR-
b) The user can use "Reset Zoom"to go initial state

2. The user can select timerange then do "Zoom in And Filter On Selection", or do "Filter On Selection". Contents will be changed in "Function - Call Stack" panel
a) The user cando "Undo Previous Zoom Selection" to go back, -OR-
b)The user can "Reset Zoom"to go initial state
Note that even the user do a) or b), contents out of time range will not berecovered. The user should use icon said "Click toRemove 1 applied filter" to recover everything.

Regards, Peter


Thank you for your answer. The feature suggestion was much more general: "While browsing through the performance data, I would like to have a back button that I can get back to the view that I had before" (and not search through all the panels).

This user was new to Intel VTune Analyzer and therefore overwhelmed by the many choices he had.

Kind regards

Hi Thomas,

This featuresuggestion is valuable. Also I think thatthe user might require "forward" button, "bookmark" function?

I have forwarded your suggestion to our engineering. Thanks again!

Regards, Peter

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