Output Window in Parallel Amplifier XE beta (Linux)

Output Window in Parallel Amplifier XE beta (Linux)

If you are running an application inside Parallel Amplifier XE, the output of the program is not displayed in the "output" window. Instead, the output ends up in the console, where you started Parallel Amplifier XE.

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Hello Thomas,

This is a known issue, and has been fixed in Beta Update 1. Please go to https://registrationcenter.intel.com/RegCenter/Download.aspx?productid=1362, download new package.

Simply use "File\Options", click on "General", change "Application output destination" to "Product output window".

Regards, Peter


I've updated to build 108099, but the problem still exists: The
application output is displayed in the console, where I launched VTune,
and the window "Application Output" is empty.

Kind regards

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