Amplifier XE does not start anymore

Amplifier XE does not start anymore


after a restart, Amplifier XE 2011 does not start anymore (Win 7, 64 Bit). The initial logo screen appears and then I get an icon in the taskbar. But when I click on it, no window appears.
Inspector standalone and Amplifier VS plugin still work (but the latter is so slow that it is not usable).

Could someone help me here?

Thanks and best regards,

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Hi Johannes,

I suggest to try Beta Update 1 which is available for downloading.

If the application can't be launched, usually the reason is that some components are not loaded properly. That means you have to reinstall the product.

Regards, Peter

Hi Peter,

unfortunately this did not help. Interesting is the following: If I hover over the Amplifier icon in the taskbar I can see the preview of the UI that looks ok (Windows 7). But when I click I do not get the window.
Maybe the window was put out of the screen and this information is still stored somewhere in the registry?


Ijust found out that it is possible to maximize the window and then I see the Amplifier. But when I click on "Restore down" to be able to choose a custom size of the window it is gone again. Maybe this isa Windows issue?

Hi Johannes,

It seems that application was launched (icon in taskbar, can be maximized), but initial size or position of application Window is incorrect.

You may submit issue to Microsoft* Forum.

Thanks, Peter

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