Operation of new XE Inspector 2011 when memory resources are low

Operation of new XE Inspector 2011 when memory resources are low

I have an intermittent issue that occurs when running the mentioned tools.

Myapplication runs fine with any of the IDE package, however randomly looks like the new XE Inspector 2011 Beta acts as it is hunging.

The application has been extensively optimized and tested with the Current Parallel Studio tools (not Beta) and it had to issuesreported

After fewattempts I was able to run with the Task Manager on, which reports that I had 99-100% utilization across all 8 cores and memory was used as 2.96GB (Application was compiled for large memory usage 3GB iLARGEADDRESSAWARE)

I believe thatduring this run the memory resource werereduced to basically nothing, producing the mentionedissue.

My Question is:

How shouldthetool be operating? Shoud some sort of message popping out somewhere or what ?

In the past VTuneand the Thread Checker were able to recover by purging (I believe) the oldest events or something of that affect

As I said, is not very repeatable, but when it happens I am forced to restart the machine.
I am running on a Dell Precision R5200 (Dual-Quad Xeon) a 32 bits application, in a 64 Bits Win 7 environment

I thought that I was over utilizing the CPU cores (since I am running with the Intel compiler and I had the Properties C/C++ \\ Optimization \\ Enabled . See \\Qparallel)

Turning this off it helped for few runs. Now the issue has resurfaced

Thanks for any clarification you can supply that would help me to stop this issue

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Your program consumes high memory space (2.96GB for LARGEADDRESSAWARE), sometime it causes no memory can be used for the tool, I think.

What is RAM size for Dell Precision R5200?

1. I suggest to use standalone of the tool instead of Visual Studio* integrated mode.
2. Are you using memory error analysis or threading error analysis? You can reduce works of Parallel Inspect XE. a) Use Detect Memory Problem, set "Stack frame depth" to "1" b) Detect Deadlocks and Data Races, set "Stack frame depth" to "1"
3. Furthermore, the user can define new "Custom Analysis Types",or "Custom Thread CheckerTypes". It is easier to turn off for some checks, if it is unnecessary.

Hope it helps.

Hi Peter,

The machine uses 4 Gig.
Thanks for the hints.

I was trying the capability of the Memory Leak detector new features and the New Thread Inspection tool. Looking for a memory block leak of 260k (I later discovered that it was created with a"new" statement - I hope this can be of help)

The tool did not found it, though it was obviously there - Microsoft VS2005 reported it at closing
The tool insteadreported some minor resources leaks that I did not know about and I cannot repair since part of some 3rd party library

Eventually I did find and repair the leakwith some good old manual code Inspection
Thanks for everything


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