Using Parallel Studio from Eclipse on Windows?

Using Parallel Studio from Eclipse on Windows?

Hello all,

I notice that the linux version supports Eclipse IDE integration.

Will anything similar be available for Windows?

We use Eclipse for development, since we're building a cross-platform product. I would guess others do something similar?

Currently I am using the tools (Inspector, Composer) from the command-line, and just using Visual Studio to see the results.
Obviously some things are a bit more difficult to use from the command-line - suppression in Inspector for example. Also GAP in the Composer.

Daniel Faken

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For using Intel? Parallel Studio XE on Linux* -
Eclipse* will not be included in the package. Thus, the user will use command line for Composer XE - OR - download/install extra Eclipse* then Composer XE can work on GUI mode; Both Inspector XE and VTune Amplifier XE will NOT use Eclipse* again, they have standalone GUI applications.

For using Intel? Parallel Studio XE on Linux -
Visual Studio still will be used as integrated mode for Composer XE, Inspector XE and VTune Amplifier XE.
But Inspector and VTune Amplifier XE have additional standalone GUI applications.

Regards, Peter
>By the way, all components can work on command line both on Linux* and Windows*


Thanks for your response. I had not noticed that Inspector XE had a standalone GUI (on Windows), but now I see it running inspxe-gui.

Can the Eclipse plugin for Composer XE on Linux be made available for Windows as well?


Hi All,

Is there any way to at least have eclipse parse the errors from the compiler? (on Windows)


No, we do not know a way to do it. Brandon has created a feature request for this.

Because Eclipse is an open source, maybe some one has done something on their own. if so, hope they could provide some information here.


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