Can the VTune XE 2011 do the precise call graph as the VTune 9

Can the VTune XE 2011 do the precise call graph as the VTune 9

I have a need to profile a specific function. I tried the new XE, but the function is not hot enough to show up in the hotspot functions. One of its child function can still be hot, but that is impossible for me to find, I have to click and review every hotspot's stack to know.

The VTune 9 can profile a spcific function, that would be perfect for this task.

Does the new VTune XE have the same ability to have a precise call graph for a specific function?
If yes, how to use that.

I can't find this ability witht the new VTune XE, is

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VTune Amplifier XE 2011 canreport all hot functions with call stack info. The product doesn't show call- chainlike as Call Graph,but only report many pairs of caller and callee.

Regards, Peter

You could try this:

#include "ittnotify.h"
//Link your application to the libittnotify.lib file located at
\lib. Also, Include ittnotify.h, located at
\include, in your code.

__itt_event event_id =
__itt_event_create("My Event", 8);
//This is the event that would be of interest to me. I am going to associate
this with my function

void function_of_interest()










Now, after you run the analysis, in the results tab, choose
Task Type Function Call Stack in the drop down (the first column in
Bottom-up window). You should now see your My Event. Expand the tree and
you should see all of the child functions that your function called along with
the CPU time consumed consumed by each in the next column.

Please let me know if this serves your purpose.


Using "task type" view is quite a good idea to view all workswith example code, I have verified.

However, if lukewarm_child() was called by hot_child() - it can't be displayed in Task group, it will be displayed in [Outside any task]

That means - "Direct-call" is supported, "Indirect-call" is NOT supported.

Regards, Peter

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