more different results

more different results

Thanks for your kind attentions. I am debuging a source code of softwarae. When I've excute my program in debug format, the results (predicted values of temperature and other water quality parametes ) differs than with exe file "w2_ivf.exe" which is build by software developer. When I've emailed to software developer, he said I should contact intel.

Also when I was compile the source code there were a error which said The

type of the actual argument differs from the type of the dummy argument in the arguman of "density"

and "Semilog" functions. So I've defined the arguman as Real (R8). for example as below:


REAL(R8) :: Tem1, TDS1, SSS1








As mentioned above, now I am using intel parallel studio XE 2011 to excute the source code of the project. But when I've run the source code, there are different results compared with exe file of software which is developed by software developer. When I was working with the recent version of software, I've made the excutation file in w_cprof_p_11.1.065, there were no problem. The results of my excute software was not different from excute software, but now when I am use the intel parallel studio XE 2011, the results are different. What should do I? is there any difference between the way of excutation?


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