Code Coverage support in Intel(r) Parallel Composer

Code Coverage support in Intel(r) Parallel Composer

I noticed that Intel Parallel Composer includes a code coverage capability, via menu "Billd" -> "Code Coverage Operations".
I could not find though sufficiant documentation about how to perform code coverage and didn't figure out how to work with it and view results.
help is very much appreciated.

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A partial solution may be found in the Intel C++ Compiler, lookup "codecov" in the document

The codecov tool is documented in Pallel Composer documentation, topic "code coverage Tool".
. The documentation needs an update.

You need to use compiler option /Qcov-gen compiler option to generate the istrumented binary instead of /Qprof_gen compiler option. The /Qprof_gen and /Qprof_use compiler options are not supported in Pallel Composer.

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