License File

License File


I have just started to run the Intel Composer Example "par_openMP" as described by document. When I try to compile with Intel following Compiler error occurs ....

"1>------ Erstellen gestartet: Projekt: par-OpenMP, Konfiguration: Debug Win32 ------

1>Compiling with Intel C++ Compiler 11.1.061 [IA-32]... (Intel C++



1>Error: A license for CCompPW could not be obtained

1>Your license has expired.


1>License file(s) used were (in this order):

1> 1. Trusted Storage

1> 2. C:/Program Files/Common Files/Intel/Licenses

1> 3. C:/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Intel/Licenses

1> 4. C:\PROGRA~1\Intel\PARALL~1\Composer\bin\ia32\*.lic


1>Please visit to obtain license

1>renewal information.


1>icl: error #10052: could not checkout FLEXlm license

1>Build log was saved at "file://C:\Projekte\Intel


1>par-OpenMP - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

========== Erstellen: 0 erfolgreich, Fehler bei 1, 0 aktuell, 0 bersprungen ========== "

There is no *lic file stored in Folder as expected by Intel (B)

I'm fully licensed to use Intel Parallel Studio, I hope this include the Intel Compiler too. Can you tell me what is going wrong or what I'm doing wrong?

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Hi Marc,

An update to Intel Parallel Composer is available for download. Please, try it out and let me know if there still the problem.


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