Get a free book "Optimizing Applications for Multi-Core Processors"

Get a free book "Optimizing Applications for Multi-Core Processors"

From now untilSep 30, 2009, the first 100 users* who meet the following requirements will get a free book "Optimizing Applications for Multi-Core Processors" based on Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP) , which is now part of Intel Parallel Studio/Composer.

1. Evaluate Intel IPPusing one of following products:
a.Intel Parallel Studio
b. Intel Parallel Composer

The Intel IPP contents include:
- Libraries: located in default Intel Parallel Studio directory at"C:Program FilesIntelParallel StudioComposeripp"
-Documentations: located in directory "C:Program FilesIntelParallel StudioComposerDocumentationen_USipp" or visit more online
- Samples: partially included in directory "C:Program FilesIntelParallel StudioComposerSamplesen_USIPP" ordownload more "Free Code Samples" from Intel IPP website.

2. Create or reply to a post discussing Intel IPP product features/usage at Intel IPP forumor Intel Parallel Studio forum.

Notes: Once you complete the above 2 steps, please email us with including your posting URL(s), email address used for product registration,contact nameandshipping address.

The Intel Parallel Studio/Composer product line includes the Intel IPP v6.1 based libraries and sample code packages. In this release, we offer initial support for Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel AVX) , expanded optimization for Intel CoreTM i7 processors and more.

In addition to being available as part of Intel Parallel Studioand Intel Parallel Composer, Intel IPP 6.1 is also available as a stand-alone product and as part of Intel Compiler Professional Edition 11.1. Please visit the Intel Software Evaluation Center to evaluate these other products or upgrade your product to the newest release via Intel Registration Center.

Thanks for your interest in Intel Software Products, for more information on other Intel software tools release today: Updates today for our compilers, libraries and cluster toolkits.

Intel IPP Team
*Limit of one book per participant

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