Intel parallel Inspector web seminars!

Intel parallel Inspector web seminars!

I want to let everyone on the forum know about a couple of web seminars about Intel Parallel Inspector. The first is a web seminar tutorial that includes demo of using Intel Parallel Inspector for memory error checking, data race inspection and how to use suppression filters. This was hosted by MSDN and is available for replay in different formats. Choose your preferred link below:

Streaming, or wma

The second web seminar is part of Intel's web seminar on real world parallelism. In this second one Matt Dunbar, Director of performance technology at Simulia provides a real world case study of using Intel Parallel Inspector at Simulia. This is also available for replay:

If you don't know about Parallel Inspector these are great web seminars to replay to learn more about it.

If you already know about Parallel Inspector but haven't decided to try it out yet, maybe replaying one of these web seminars will be sufficient to get you interested.

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