Composer, Support for other languages, IPP fix OMP: System error #126

Composer, Support for other languages, IPP fix OMP: System error #126

IPP is part of "Parallel Studio"

Currently IPP supports English and Japanese messages only and so locale catalogs for them.

There is no support for other languages.

We can fix this.

fix support for other languages:

you can find the language code there

if you use a other language as 1033 (English) for instance German 1031

you can do following steps:


fix OMP: System error #126 (you need libiomp5UI.dll),

(still possible if you have "Compiler Suite Pro" installed, or you can get it from other source)

1.fix the 1033 dir for both ia32 and intel64:

copy the file libiomp5UI.dll from \\bin\\ia32\\1041 to \\bin\\ia32\\1033

copy the file libiomp5UI.dll from \\bin\\intel64\\1041 to \\bin\\intel64\\1033


2. create 1031 dir in ia31 and intel64 as following:



3. copy all files from \\bin\\ia32\\1033 to \\bin\\ia32\\1031

4. copy all files from \\bin\\intel64\\1033 to \\bin\\intel64\\1031

that's it.

for other languages you can do this fix analog.

this fixed the OMP: System error #126 for a other language

I did this in update5 of "Intel Compiler Suite Pro"

and analog in update5 of "Parallel Studio" Composer


for people who have still "Parallel Composer" installed I don't know where to get libiomp5UI.dll

Hi Jennifer,

did you know where to get it ?

Regards Heinz

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The Parallel Composer does not supportany localized msg catalog right now. Some English msg catalogs are embeded in the .dll or .exe, like the omp msg catalog.

So there is no libiomp5UI.dll specifically.

This OMP msg will be emited when you are using non-English environmentAND there is some OMP msg to display. If there is no OMP msg to display, this warning won't be seeing.

There is a bug in the omp runtime lib in the later update of Parallel Composer that emits this OMP warning msg even no matter what. This bug is fixed and the fix will be in the coming update 6.


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