Inspector does not yield any results when attempting to find threading problems

Inspector does not yield any results when attempting to find threading problems

Hi,I'm using Inspector to try and diagnose a problem I am having with my threading library in our projects.
I have a console application set up all of the other libraries that are used, and cause the hang that I am seeing in our host application, to make debugging simpler. Currently, the problem I am seeing only happens on our 8/16 core machines, not on the 2 or 4 core machines we have here.

So, I attempted to use Inspector to run an analysis on the console application and find out where the threading problem is happening. When the Inspector launches the application, I see libraries being loaded in the output pane of VS2008, but then the console application quits without running it's logic.

Inspector reports that an analysis was successfully completed, but there is no data on the resulting screen when you click on the "Interpret result" button.
Our threading library, the one that I suspect where the problem is, is using boost threads. We do this so we can have a common threading library between our MacOS and Windows projects.

Our development environment is Windows 7, Visual Studio 2008 and Intel Parallel Studio.

I reviewed the documentation that came with the product as well as the tips listed on I'm still unable to get any usable information.

Any help would be appreciated.



P.S.: What is the deal with me having to write my own HTML for posting a support message. This is supposed to be fast, not make the customer have to write out HTML in order to post a message on a forum.

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Hi Jaime,

Can you post a reproducer?

Note: Inspector does not support Boost Threads... but in as much as Boost calls Posix underneath we sometimes work - However: in the case of some Boost locks, atomic attributes, etc- we will not detect that and Inspector will generate false positives. I don't actually suspect the Boost library for the behaviour you are seeing.

BTW - Intel Threading Building Blocks and OpenMP works on both Windows and Macintosh - and Inspector supports Intel TBB and OpenMP.

Eric M

Hi Eric,
UnfortunatelyI cannot post a reproducer without violating company security policies.

As forIntel Threading Building Blocks, we know that they work on both MacOS and Windows, but we opted not to use them because we haddifficultyusing the libraries.

Thanks for the help anyway, I will find another means to solve this problem.


Sorry for an offtopic, but maybe you could elaborate a little bit about what you had found difficult in using Threading Building Blocks; I would very appreciate your feedback and see whether I can suggest you something that might change your opinion about TBB, or what we can improve to better support cases like yours.

Hi Alexey,
Thanks for responding, and sorry for taking so much time in replying.

At the time when my co-workers and I were looking into this, the biggest complaint we heard from all of the developers was the documentation.

In my current investigation, I can site a couple of easy to find issues:

1 - The search functionality in the documentation provided does not work for any search value

2 - The README.htm files for some of theippiDemo.xcodeproj project provided in the "Main Samples" IPP samples is inaccurate and missing information

It's interesting to note that there is not installed documentation for TBB, IPP or MKL within Xcode. There is documentation for the compiler, but, it's ratherdisruptingto have to go into the/Developer/opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/067 or/Developer/opt/intel/Compiler/11.1/089 directories when I need to find information.

Thanks again for responding and having an open-ear on this concern!

Hi Jaime,

Actually, for now TBB documentation is not deeply integrated into that of Intel Compiler/Composer/Composer XE, but comes in separate PDF files. While we are looking how we can do better integration with other docs, I suggest you to have a look at the PDFs here: Some version of these files also should be available in your installation of TBB. Note that docs are really the same for both open-source and commercial versions, except if they become out-of-sync on the websites. Also, there is no difference between the features of open-source and commercial versions of TBB.

I will be glad to answer your further questions at the TBB forum:

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