too long trace failure in amplifier

too long trace failure in amplifier

Hello,I'm trying out Amplifier (update 2 - build 76442) for the first time, using VS2005 v 8.0.50727.762. When attempting to profile time, I get the following error messages.1> E: too long trace in the NTDLL!NtTerminateProcess function1> E: incompatible operating systemE: Failed to initialize pin common boot record1> E:Pin is exiting due to fatal error1> Finalizing the result took 0.004 secondsAny clues?Thanks,Chris

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Hi Chris,

Regarding thatthe title of thread is "too long trace failure in amplifier", I guess that your application had a long run with Parallel Amplifier.

Since Parallel Amplifer provides 10MB size for each result in directory (as default),if over-using thesizewillgenerate "incomplete" raw result data. Thus, the tool can't finalizethe result.

So please change (enlarge) the value of Options->Intel Parallel Amplifier->Collection->"Limit maximum size of raw collector data perresult directory"

Iam curious on info "incompatible operation systemE" - can you please provide system info in detail. Thank you.

Regards, Peter

Thanks for the reply, Peter. I increased the max collector data size to 400MB, but same result. The program has a fairly small footprint (2 MB), so I think that should be more than enough...Running XP SP 2 on a Intel Core2 Duo. Not the latest and greatest, but fairly standard.

Don't know if you can reproduce the problem with any program, or justyour program specific issue. Please try Parallel Amplifier with other simple test case, e.g. matrix under tool'ssamples directory.

If thisis only your program specific,is it possible toattach the program as test case for investigating (Mark your reply Private), or you can send a ticket to

Othertip for long run application,is to use Project's Property (right-click on Project)->Intel Parallel Amplifier->Project Property, toenable "Start data collection paused"and "Resume collection after" for N seconds (or manually resumeby usingthe button on GUI). Thus, Parallel Amplifier collects data on your expecting code area...and stop it whenever you like (manually use the "stop" button).

Regards, Peter

The matrix example failed in the same way. I don't think it's a question of long execution time, but rather the "incompatible operating system". Perhaps I just need to reinstall... or maybe it wants XP SP3 instead of 2. I'll send a ticket to premier, and then upon resolution, will post the solution here.Thanks again,Chris

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